Hey Freedom Ambassador!

We believe in the power of the collective and want to create Freedom Summit with, for and by the community. We would like to grow organically, in collaboration with passionate, like-minded people who believe in freedom as a choice!

If you like to be part of the Freedom Ambassador Program please send us your application and we are going to notify you before the 1st of March. 

So what is the deal?

You promote Freedom Summit to your network (close friends, family, FB group, email list, larger network and hubs). Receive 20% affiliate commission or a free Backstage Pass! We'll keep things simple, impactful and fun:) 

We accept and select 100 applications for the first Freedom Summit
Yes, I'm in!
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How many people will you be targeting?

What assets would make your contribution the easiest?

What would you like to receive for your contribution?

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